Xel-Ha Ruins

The Xel-Ha ruins are small but well worth the visit. Thses ruins are also a popular spot for bird watchers. There are two small cenotes there as well. Past one of the cenotes is a small structure, the "Temple of the Jaguar". Look inside and you will see the red hand prints of a holy Mayan priest. You can walk the entire site in about an hour.

The Xel-Ha ruins are located across the street from the Eco-park, just off the highway south of Akumal on the way to Tulum.


ruins Chichen Itzá

The most popular of the Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico.

ruins Cobá

Mayan archaeological sites approx. an hour inland from Akumal.

ruins Muyil

Muyil archeological site is located in the Sian Ka´an Biosphere.

ruins San Gervasio

Located on the island of Cozumel.

tulum Tulum

The only Mayan archaeological site located directly on the ocean.

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