Xcalak and Majuhual

South of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere the area's name changes from Riviera Maya to Costa Maya. The village of Mahahual (Majahual) is small but busy with visitors that have recently discovered the Costa Maya. There are only about 200 inhabitants. Life in Mahahual (Majahual) is usually very relaxed.

But when cruise ships arrive the tranquil town transforms into a busy place. Mahahual (Majahual) offers beaches and active tours. Most tours are organized from the cruise dock.

The village of Xcalak is small and tranquil. There are about 400 inhabitants. Life in Xcalak is also very relaxed. Most people live from fishing. The infrastructure development is slowly bringing Xcalak into the 21st century standard of living. However, due to environmental laws, the area is protected against large scale tourism. Developments like the local clinic and library increase the standard of living for the native population.

Xcalak is well know for its pristine environment. Along the coast, as well as on Banco Chinchorro, there are excellent opportunities to have a great time diving, kayaking, biking and snorkeling.

The river Boca Bacalar Chico runs from the Caribbean sea to the Bay of Chetumal. It has many side rivers and is mainly surrounded by mangroves. The area on the inside of the Chetumal Bay is particularly suitable for fishing.

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