Wyomissing Photo Album Part Four, Akumal Students

The Wyomissing students got to spend a lot of time with the local children. They went to their school, their library, and did activities with them such as tours, CEA Talks, Beach Clean ups, their soccer matches and even a Pizza Party with a DJ.

Wyomissing 2007 Wyomissing 2007 Wyomissing 2007 Wyomissing 2007 Wyomissing 2007 10.07-chichen-itza-1.jpg wy-beach-clean-cu.jpg wy-beach-clean.jpg wy-cea-1.jpg wy-cea.jpg wy-classroom.jpg wy-clean-cu.jpg wy-cleaning-beach.jpg wy-cleans.jpg wy-gifts-2.jpg wy-gifts-for-locals.jpg wy-goodbye-1.jpg wy-goodbye-2.jpg wy-goodbye-4.jpg wy-goodbye-5.jpg wy-goodbye-party.jpg wy-library-5.jpg wy-library-6.jpg wy-library-7.jpg wy-library-door.jpg wy-library1.jpg wy-library2.jpg wy-library3.jpg wy-library4.jpg wy-salsa-2.jpg wy-salsa-lesson-2.jpg wy-salsa-lesson-3.jpg wy-salsa-lesson.jpg wy-salsa-lessons-back.jpg wy-salsa.jpg wy-school.jpg
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