Wyomissing Photo Album Part Five Misc

The Wyomissing Spanish Club had a great time here are some miscellaneous photos. See their other photo albums and trip report to learn more about this fun and educational trip.

wy loncheria-menu.jpg wy-5th-ave-pdc.jpg wy-akumal-bay-1.jpg wy-akumal-bay-boats.jpg wy-akumal-bay.jpg wy-akumal-internet.jpg wy-akumal-signs.jpg wy-arrival-wide.jpg wy-arrival.jpg wy-arrival1.jpg wy-bungalo-1.jpg wy-bungalow-courtyard.jpg wy-bungalow.jpg wy-bungalows.jpg wy-butterflies-sian-kaan.jpg wy-cave-snorkeling.jpg wy-check-in.jpg wy-collectivo.jpg wy-dinner-loncheria.jpg wy-hidden-worlds-transpotat.jpg wy-in-collectivo.jpg wy-lol-ha-meal.jpg wy-lunch-playa.jpg wy-pink-store.jpg wy-rests.jpg wy-waterlily.jpg wy-xelha-sign.jpg wy-yal-ku-kids.jpg wy-zip-lining.jpg
Wyomissing High School Spanish Club
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Wyomissing Trip Report

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