Water Enthusiasts Itinerary 10/06

Day One
11:12AM Arrival into Cancun. We go through Immigration and get our passport stamped. Grab our luggage and head to customs. Once everyone has cleared customs we will exit the airport and our vans will be waiting.

Head to Akumal about an hour and a half south of the airport. On the way we will stop at Chedraui, which is a large supermarket in Playa del Carmen.

Arrive Akumal and check into our bungalows.

5:30 Happy Hour at Lol-Ha Beach Bar

6:30 9:00 Dinner at Lol-Ha

Day Two
The day is spent getting to know Akumal. We will visit the CEA Center, local stores and businesses, the school where we meet our pen-pals; as well as, Half Moon Bay and Yal Ku Lagoon.

Water aerobics wil be offered in the morning and afternoon.

Day Three
We will visit Xcaret for the day and stay on for the spectacular night show.

Day Four
We will spend the day in Tulum enjoying the ruins. For lunch we will head to Zamas on the beach. We will visit the Veterinarian Clinic in Tulum which has hosted many VIDAS Clinics.

On the way home we will stop at Oscar and Lalo's on Solimon Bay - the sight of the world-famous Corona commercial.

Day Five
We will spend at Muyil and on the Canal Trip. The Sian Kaan Biosphere is one of the great reserves in all of Mexico.

Day Six
We will spend the day at Xel-Ha

Day Seven
Is a free day. For those who love to shop they will head to Playa Del Carmen to wander down Fifth Avenue and barter with the best.

Day Eight
We depart for home.

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