Group Travel and Tours

Just Imagine Vacations and Tours opens the door to the greatest Riviera Maya Vacation. Our tours are custom and we approach each client as someone new with very special expectations, desires and needs. There are no packaged tours here!

Lydia worked for years as a Documentary Producers and made all the travel arrangements for several crews to the area. In addition, we have worked closely with a number of special interest groups and Non Profit Organizations to arrange special events and helped with travel arrangements and details for numberous clinics through out the Mayan Riviera.

- Want an environmental component to your tour? Let us make arrangments for your group to participate in a beach clean-up, turtle talks and turtle walks, or arrange for some special presentations such as: "Meet the Neighbors," a slideshow presentation of the creatures in our bay, "Intro to Coral Reef Ecology" a presentation about the Mesoamerican Coral Reef, or a presentation on on the Mayan number and calendar system. Because many of the local groups are too busy with their own work we have agreed to help make these reservations for them. We work with groups such as: Centro Ecologico Akumal, CEA, Society for the Protection of Animals Yucatan, SPAY, TRANSFORMAR EDUCANDO, A.C. and more.

- Want to make your Educational Group Tour something special that you will remember for life? Let us arrange for you to help support the local school children through the local schools or library. We can even arrange for your group to have some new pen pals. Educational Tours can incorporate Spanish Language, Mayan language and culture, History, Marine Biology, Environmental Issues, and more by arranging talks and workshops. We have also set up pen pals with local H.S. students so you can make a connection prior to your trip or continue them after.

If your group is looking to make their trip more of a cultural or environmental experience we can help bring those elements to your tour. If you just want to have fun we can arrange that as well. For Example Lydia is a Certified Water Aerobics Instructor and has made arrangements for a Group of Water Enthusiast to tour the Mayan Riviera with the emphasis on enjoying all that is water in this area - including water aerobics classes.

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