Photo Album

This section is where we can share the photos taken on the tours. It is a great way for all the participants to share their photos.

water enthusiasts 10-06 Getting to Know Akumal 10/06

Day one and two Water Enthusiasts Group, October 24th and 25th

water enthusiasts 10-06 Pen Pals October 2006

Group from Mt Pleasant SC and students from Akumal, Mexico

gt_boat-load.jpg Sian Ka'an October 2006

Sian Ka'an Biosphere

sian kaan july06 Sian Ka'an Tour to Muyil 07/06

A day trip to Sian Kaan and Muyil

tulum Tulum October 2006

Tulum Ruins, lunch at Zamas and Soliman Bay

water enthusiasts 10-06 Water Enthusiasts misc photos 10/06

Various photos of the trip

wy loncheria-menu.jpg Wyomissing Photo Album Part Five Misc

Misc photos from their trip

Wyomissing 2007 Wyomissing Photo Album Part Four, Akumal Students

School, Library and Party

Wyomissing soccer 2007 Wyomissing Photo Album Part One Soccer

June 17-24, 2007

Wyomissing Tulum 2007 Wyomissing Photo Album Part Three, Ruins

The students enjoyed the Ruins at Muyil and Tulum

Wyomissing - xcaret 2007 Wyomissing Photo Album Part Two, Xcaret

Xcaret was one of their favorites spots

water enthusiasts 10-06 Xcaret Night Show

Xcaret has a spectacular evening show

water enthusiasts 10-06 Xel Ha 10/06

Spent the entire day at Xel Ha

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