Mike Pontius


Mike brings to Just Imagine Vacations a dozen years of Internet and software development experience. During that time he has project managed large Web-based software projects. He has also overseen the development, management and marketing of literally hundreds of Websites.

Mike began his career as a full time advertising copywriter and a part time novelist. While still in his twenties he founded an advertising agency that specialized in real estate-related clients, thus beginning another career as a serial entrepreneur.

In 1980 Mike opened one of the country's first travel firms to specialize in condominium rentals. After selling that firm to a Canadian-based hotel and resort firm, he opened the first Uniglobe travel agency in the Mid-Atlantic states.

As an early Internet Entrepreneur, Mike has managed the development of hundreds of websites, many in the resort and vacation rental industries. While these online fields are very competitive by nature, Mike's clients have done well because he has maintained the focus on the content of each website.

"Since 1996," Mike says, "it has been apparent that meaningful, useful, up-to-date content was the key to Internet success."

With Just Imagine Vacations, Mike supports Lydia's efforts in the field by making sure that the website provides all of the information a prospective customer would like to know about Just Imagine's areas of interest. He also handles the financial end of the business.

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