Laguna Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar is a little over an hour south of Tulum. It is a huge, fresh water lake that is known for its seven colors of blue. It is 50 miles from North to South and it seems like a wide turquoise river flowing through the jungle. Laguna Bacalar is the second largest sweet water lake in Mexico and still its "best kept secret".


  • Strolling to town along the coastal avenue to visit the Fort is a must!
  • Swim in its unpolluted turquoise waters
  • Archaeological Sites: Kohunlich, Calakmul, Dzibanche and many others
  • Wind surfing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Water Skiing, Boating
  • Casino Gambling
  • Duty Free Shopping


Safari Theme Park: The entrepreneurs of Xcaret Park and Africam Park have joined forces to develop this theme park in 200 acres of PARADISIAC NATURE. The natural jungle, plus the lagoon's turquoise waters, are the perfect combination that will make this park the most important destination in the area for wild life observation and nature lovers.


Considered to be an important crossroad city for the North, West and South settlements of colonial times. It was built in 1545 by Spaniard Gaspar Pacheco who called it San Felipe de Bacalar ( still the official name but reduced to Bacalar for practical reasons). The city was invaded and destroyed by pirates in 1642. Rebuilt in 1726 and again destroyed during the long Yucatan revolt Guerra de Castas. Newly reestablished in 1902, it is now a modern, charming town of 10,000 habitants but growing fast.

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