Family and Special Interest Tours

Greg Brown Baby on Beach
"What a glorious trip! You were the perfect blend of leader, manager, guru, cheerleader, disciplinarian, psychologist, and, best of all, friend."

"Many thanks for a treasured memory."
Len McFall, Greenville, SC

Don't for a minute think that group travel is limited to special interests. Often the most rewarding and underserved market for group travel is the extended family. For those of you that have traveled with a group of family and friends of different ages, personalities and interests know how difficult it can be. Some people just want to hit the beach, while others want to see the sites. Young kids want to participate in certain activities and teenagers often don't want to participate at all.

Well Just Imagine Vacations is here to tell you that the quality of your family vacation experience can be be improved exponentially with a little outside help. that's right, just like special interest groups hire travel planners and tour operators, families should consider doing the same. Having people who know the area and who understand working with different ages and personalities, can make your trip more enjoyable for all. This is really a very cost-effective insurance policy against boredom and holiday mutiny.

It's all about pre-planning. You tell us about your travel partners and we'll give you suggestions and help you schedule and book activities in advance. We can help you arrange air travel to minimize airport pickup problems, select the appropriate accommodations (hotel, all inclusive, condos or villa) and even book local side-trips and attractions. The nice thing is that not everyone has to follow the same schedule. With a little planning, you can send your adventurous off for some cave diving, while the little ones go to see the monkeys and the liesurely inclined take a day sail.

It's what we do, so give us a try, you have nothing to lose but another forgettable family vacation. After coming with family Just Imagine has brought several film crews to the Riviera Maya. It is this experience as a producer who has learned the stories, and the locations that makes group travel more than a job – it is a passion. We want to share our love and appreciation for the area with others in a way that will wow each one who comes. For more information please contact us.

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