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Joe Duclos Mayan Children
"We came to the conclusion that it was better than any student trip we've heard of or done. Thanks again for making it all possible!" Margaret Shomgard, Wyomissing High School, Wyomissing, PA

Education-oriented travel groups are by no means limited to student or school-sponsored trips. We understand that many people who travel, especially in groups, are interested in an educational experience. They want to learn about the history and cultures of the places they visit. The Riviera Maya is the perfect place for that type of traveler. Rich with cultures that include the Ancient Mayan indigenous culture, it's archaeological sites, its language, food and most of all its people. In addition to the Mayan Culture there are some wonderful Colonial cities such as Merida and Laguna Bacalar which show another part of the history of this area. As you may know, the Yucatan has played a significant role on the world stage since the comet that is believed to have brought the end to the dinosaurs hit the upper part of the peninsula millions of years ago. For those interested in languages you will find a mixture of Mayan as well as Spanish.

If architecture is your passion, there is everything from ancient Mayan ruins to Colonial Cities and Modern structures which show the incredible growth of this area. Cancun was first build in the 1970's, since then Playa Del Carmen has been the fastest growing city in Latin American and, at times, in the World - growing at 25% during some years.

If you have an interest in Marine Biology, or in our local flora and fauna we can help you plan your group. You name it and we can help you plan it, whether you are looking for an overview of the area or you want to delve right into a culturally rich educational experience with hands on applications and programs - from diving trips to Chinchorro to guided tours of the magnificent Sian Ka'an Biosphere.

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