The Akumals

Akumal beach
What makes The Akumals such a special place?

While the rest of the Mayan Riviera faces an incredible growth rate, The Akumals are established and have been developed almost as much as they can be. This little piece of paradise will see very little change in the future.

That isn't to say that there won't be growth within the boundaries of The Akumals such as the huge development under construction now in the northern end of Akumal. But because of the configuration of its inlets and bays, the three main sections of The Akumals will see little change.

Akumal Playa and North Akumal are situated at the traffic lights off of Highway 307. You will know that you have arrived there when you see the arch over the road painted with a big, beautiful turtle. Akumal is, after all, Mayan for “place of the turtle.” Thousands of years later, this is still a favorite nesting place for turtles and a home for young green turtles who feed off the sea grass.

This section of The Akumals is where you will find the shops and restaurants as well as tour companies, rental companies and dive shops. You can also get a great massage, work out at the gym, or get on line at the Internet cafes.

You can wait and make those decisions when you get to The Akumals or we will be happy to help you make all the necessary arrangements prior to your trip.

Just to the south is Jade Bay. It is a small community with several lovely villas and condos. The only access to the activities and services from here is to go back out to the main highway.

A little further south is South Akumal, a lovely, private community with gorgeous private villas and condos. It is also known for having one of the largest topes around. (A topes is a speed bump.) But don't worry you won't miss it. It is painted bright red. Consider it a symbol of the laid back, slower pace of life you can enjoy here.

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